Sykes-Pickavant - Circuit Testing

300426 - Inteliprobe 6-24 Volt Tester

  • The Inteliprobe is an intelligent circuit and continuity tester ideal for locating bad earths, breaks in continuity and short circuits. Simply hook up the battery clips to the vehicle battery and the tool is ready for use. Suitable for 6V – 24V electrical systems, which makes it ideal for motorcycles, cars, boats and trucks.
  • Polarity Test - LED changes colour to indicate the polarity on the probe pin Red = positive, Green = negative
  • Continuity Test - between the probe pin and the croc clip on the end of the green lead. LED shows green for a continuous (or closed) circuit
  • Short Circuit Protection - a thermal breaker which can be manually reset, will trip out at 8 Amps providing protection to the vehicle’s wiring system
  • On-vehicle Component Tests - pushing the switch forward causes a positive potential on the probe tip, and pushing the switch backwards causes a negative potential on the probe tip. This enables the user to energise components such as lights, locks, and trailer connections without having to remove them from the vehicle
  • Off-vehicle Component Tests- by using the green lead as ground connection, energising the probe tip will enable the user to check the component